Keep an opinion or inquire a Question

Keep an opinion or inquire a Question

We have a bluish golf ball mason jar it has a f throughout the container but it is not accompanied my personal a variety precisely what does thay indicate

Located an authentic sculpted windows basketball 84 64A Mason container A8. Tiny lips with grapes apples orange pear cherries berries right in front it’s a half gallon. How old will it be and really worth of you discover.

Kindly, i came across a quart light blue Ball Mason Patent 1858 . The S in mason try ghosted combined with 8 in 1858, three L with an extended tale with lots of bubbles and swirels within the windows. But the thing I find more unusual has ended the Patent in ghosted print is actually V11. Can you express any tips as well as value of this container?

Really does Roman numerals vs figures really make a difference in expense together with witnessing the sound changes terms additionally how can you figure expense on atmosphere bubbles.

I have a baseball mason container they merely put the frist letter B in the container its have the rest throughout the is-it a misprint?

I recently discover a #13 baseball best mason quart container additionally the 1 are in reverse. I happened to be simply inquisitive if anybody possess heard of the?


You will find an antique canning container that holds practically 8 servings that I think can be unusual because We have browsed online and Ebay while having never seen people like it. Its circular, clear cup, larger perimeter towards the bottom and narrower top will suit a typical mouth top. But, the unusual most important factor of this is the LOGO DESIGN. Authored across diagonally, the logo claims aˆ?Standardaˆ? in cursive publishing and below it, additionally diagonally, it’s just what seems sort of like a banner with the phrase MASON (all-in funds letters) created within the banner.

Would you know 1) what age this jar try, 2) perhaps the worth once you learn it and 3) when it features lead in they? I wish to keep cold liquid or leftover fluid coffees involved, when it does not have any lead-in they. Thanks a lot a great deal to suit your time and expertise.

i have 4 gallon golf ball best jar. were could I select lid and cable thanks a lot . sorry about creating little education.

Some body as soon as explained the mildew number using one group of basketball Mason Jars will probably be worth considerable funds…It was probably in a specific ten years as well. I’m simply wondering if you’ve ever read this if in case so, is it possible to elaborate? I’m not sure when the mildew smashed, or only a few with that shape amounts were generated? Thank you!

I truly consider me a really fortunate and escort College Station lucky person who i simply been some of those couple of lovers which acknowledged long ago the intrinsic benefits, beauty, and reputation for baseball jars whenever they had been stuff of disdain or simply just neglected by so many other individuals. I’m therefore pleased I had the foresight to collect Ball jars because even though a number of the great ones in my own early decades had been economically and geographically out of reach, We nevertheless were able to acquire a tremendously little but attractive collection through wisdom, awareness, persistence, determination, and effort.

My personal uncle died a few years ago even though dealing with their loft I come upon a package of bluish Ball Perfect Mason jars. Just about those hateful pounds had the older medal surfaces so there are a couple of sizes, the little enjoys a 15 toward the base, which looks as a quart dimensions, additionally the large you have a 6, that might be two quarts, I don’t know. My personal real question is, in the big people, ideal is actually spelled aˆ?PERFFCTaˆ?. Is this typical for jars for misspelled keywords and exactly how is it possible to discover how older these are typically? Thank You.

I cannot appear to find details on this container just the containers

I came across a jar at a garden sale within Tennessee. Once I returned room and began cleansing they we observed it had an image of a black colored guy, mouth open wider, ingesting what I later on revealed to-be an oyster. It’s got the words aˆ?Nigger Head Brandaˆ? using one side and golf ball perfect on the other. It has a glass lid presented in by a metal musical organization. Perfect condition. I called the Biloxi famous people which referred us to the Maritime and Seafood Museum in Biloxi. I do know they altered title in 1954 or 55 to Negro Head brand name. Could you help me to? Many thanks such!!

We have one blue Ball ideal jar. I beleave it absolutely was produced in between 1910-1923?I bel eave my jar is actually a misprint .The d i Ideal isnt scarcely visable .My question is just how much was my misprinted golf ball jar well worth plus it provides a 5 underscored on base.please help me to recognize the worth of my jar please.

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