He said “yeah and He looked down at my lips and moved his hand toward my mouth

He said “yeah and He looked down at my lips and moved his hand toward my mouth

The instant I did so, I felt my cock twitch

Then he said. “I want you to cram as much of this cock as you can in your mouth real, real, slow and stop when you can’t take anymore, and just stop there. So I did and when I came to the point where I couldn’t stuff anymore big, hard, black cock in my widely stretched mouth, I paused. Not knowing what he was about to do, I was getting sorta nervous. Just then he slowly lowered his index finger toward my lips. Then he slowly started tracing the outline of my lips tightly stretched around his big, black cock and started breathing even heavier and with his other hand, started stroking the half of his cock that wasnt in my mouth and said ” Fuck yeah, cram every inch of your mouth nice and tight full of this big, black cock and continued to trace my lips with his finger. It was so hot, I moved my finger up to my lips and traced the outline of my lips tightly stretched around this big, black cock.

I dropped my head and started breathing and moaning heavily, still milking his big, black cock till I noticed that https://hookupdate.net/loveagain-review/ I felt his cock starting to get soaked with more and more of his hot precum

Then for some reason, I don’t know why I tried to slowly force more of his monster black cock in my throat. So I wrapped my hand tightly around the thick, fat base of his cock and started to milk it slowly but, somewhat hard and I said “yeah, get that big cock dripping wet with your precum. . Then without even thinking I moved my lips toward the tip of his cock and wrapped my lips fully around the entire diameter of the head of his big, monster black cock and proceeded to suck feverishly. Right then I heard him moan and his cock twitched and seemed to inflate even bigger for just a few seconds. As I sucked, I could at some instances slightly taste a hint of what seemed to be hot cum mixed in with the thin, slippery precum that was oozing out non-stop from the tip of his big, black cock and into the far back of my mouth and tongue. When I thought It couldnt get any hotter, he said ” You want me to fuck you?” without thinking twice I pulled my lips off his cock and said “fuck yeah.” He slowly stood off the couch and told me move over toward the middle of the living room. He told me to lay on my back and pull my legs up.

As I layed there and raised my legs up and apart, I saw him slowly opening up a condom package and slowly begin to roll the condom over the head of his big, black cock. from what I saw, It looked like he had to roll the rubber very, very tight over the head of his cock and slowly down the rest of his big, black cock. Stopping when he got to about 3/4’s the bottom of his thick, black cock. he then dropped to his knees and lowered the spout of the bottle toward my hole and squeezed a good size glob. Then with one of his fingers, started rubbing it up and down my smooth hot crack. driving me crazy with ecstasy, Then without any warning, started to slide the tip of his finger inside my tight hungry hole. initially, the feeling made my hole pucker and close tighter.

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