New Research Demonstrates Many People Are At Least Somewhat Gay

New Research Demonstrates Many People Are At Least Somewhat Gay

PIEDMONT, North Dakota –

A new scientific study sang by a private health staff at Massasoit standard medical in Piedmont, North Dakota has proven that 100per cent of people have about some gay inside.

“It doesn’t matter if you are men, feminine, or a eunuch,” stated Professor Neil Louis, head of HumanZone, INC., the privately-held healthcare investigation providers that sang the study. “Through years of examination, data, developing, and Fairfield CA escort girls hardly any trial-and-error, there is uncovered the specific stress in individual DNA that creates homosexuality. [And] these assessments determine that everyone, regardless of who they really are, has actually about a small amount of that tension inside them.”

It has got long been understood, although argued vehemently by bigots and spiritual zealots, that homosexuality try a characteristic definitely produced while one is nonetheless when you look at the fetal condition, being created homosexual or heterosexual. With this particular information, Professor Louis with his personnel could find out exactly at what period associated with the pregnancy people “becomes” homosexual. Whenever they uncovered this timeframe, they made use of that information to discover the real DNA gene itself. They were next surprised to learn that in almost every test they had, whether or not it was from those who defined as straight or since homosexual, they can look for about some element of that same tension.

“It’s all exceedingly complicated,” mentioned Louis. “I don’t anticipate that a layperson would understand it. When the scientific studies are published from inside the Boston Healthcare Record of Study the following month, anybody can peruse our results.”

What this implies for folks as whole, according to Louis, truly sums to nothing at all.

“This isn’t going to alter any person’s day-to-day lifetime. Knowing that you really have only a little gay in you, what exactly? How much does that thing? Can there be something very wrong becoming homosexual? After all, perform someone nevertheless believe that within this day and age? What’s the problem together with them? Just Who cares?”

Within his findings, the teacher with his teams unearthed that there were various “levels” of homosexuality, as they labeled them. As the stereotypes imaginable of homosexuals, represented in television and movies as things from acutely flamboyant with female qualitites to people nevertheless repressing their unique sexuality, the analysis really revealed that the greater number of a person states dislike homosexuals, the greater from the homosexual stress they might find in your.

“Men just who we tried just who regarded as themselves become homophobic, if not overtly aggressive towards homosexuals, were found to achieve the THE MAJORITY OF amounts of homosexual DNA stresses included. I guess it does prove true the outdated saying your even more someone detests homosexual anyone, the greater they really are repressing their needs for some hot man-on-man activity.”

Curiously, the research was not done on any ladies.

“Oh, we didn’t make an effort learning ladies. Every Person currently understands that what is needed for a woman to possess homosexual tendencies is a few vodka and Red Bull martinis.”

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