‘No one’s gangstalking’: Karen harasses Asian parents in park, man stages in to help—then he name-checks market Freakout on video

‘No one’s gangstalking’: Karen harasses Asian parents in park, man stages in to help—then he name-checks market Freakout on video

The notorious Reddit discussion board becomes an IRL plug.

Posted May 24, 2021 current Jun 1, 2021, 1:22 pm CDT

A Karen harassing an Asian family members in a park, following getting confronted with more park travelers for her conduct, was caught in a viral video published Saturday.

The TikTok movie, at first provided by user @_numlock, has-been since discussed to r/PublicFreakout, a Reddit subreddit “dedicated to people freaking away, melting all the way down, shedding her cool, or being odd publicly.” It’s the home of a substantial wide range of Karen videos, and end of the TikTok in fact name-checks the subreddit.

The TikToker states that it occurred in tangerine region, and it also’s hashtagged with #oc, employed by other TikTokers inside the largely-suburban Ca county between Los Angeles and San Diego.

They initiate abruptly using the Karen, walking your dog, after and pointing at selection of Asian people, that all dressed in masks. (The Karen, unsurprisingly, is certainly not putting on a mask.) Although it looks she’s yelling things at all of them, it is inaudible.

Something audible, though, is actually someone’s sound stating, “They’re all right! They’re all right! All of you are perfect! They’re fine!” It appears to be inclined to the Karen, inserting up for all the families while they walk through the playground.

an untamed “Karen” viewed at a park in lime region harassing an Asian families. Sweet canine tho… #karen #publicfreakout #stopasaianhate #OC

Subsequently women vocals chimes in, “There’s no reason to follow all of them with a child! They Will Have a young child!”

The movie after that fixes on the Karen, exactly who points toward the camera and requires, “Hey, woman, return to their spot.”

There’s then an edit, plus the person recording the event possess relocated nearer to the Karen. The person confronting the Karen may be partially seen in the foreground during rest in the videos.

“Are your completed?” she requires the Karen.

“Are your done?” the Karen retorts.

The person confronting the Karen after that states, on the Asian family, “I will protect them at all costs; I need one walk off.”

The Karen renders an accusation of “gangstalking,” plus the person dealing with the lady retorts, “No one’s gangstalking,” before the person shooting —who this lady friend referenced as this lady sweetheart earlier in the day in the change, contributes.

“Ha! Gangstalking,” he states, prior to starting to express the r/PublicFreakout URL because the video suddenly comes to an end.

an Oct 2020 post in mindset These days records, “Reports of ‘gang stalking’ (a.k.a. ‘gang-stalking’ or ‘gangstalking’) started surfacing at the least fifteen years before by self-described “targeted individuals” (“T.I.s”) declaring to-be observed, surveilled, harassed, and if not victimized by as yet not known causes wielding high-tech artillery of ‘mind regulation.’ Ever Since Then, much more has been discussed this phenomenon, specifically during the last four years, with national interest dedicated to a few distinguished situations of physical violence and bulk shootings perpetrated by individuals determining as T.I.s.”

And commenters on r/PublicFreakout feelings validated by shout-out, the “gangstalking” opinion caught her attention.

“Funny sufficient gangstalking may be the paranoid notion that you are really getting with an organization or business for conspiratorial grounds,” one commenter mentioned. “Like crazy individuals who feel the shadowy cabal is actually appropriate them since they unintentionally discovered the Secret Krabby Patty Formula. They’re as well harmful as stored alive!”

Rest recognized the person who challenged the Karen, with one commenter saying, “Thanks for improving and protecting that family members. A Lot regard.”

And one marveled during the Karen’s dedication, watching, “we don’t know how people have time in their day to work on this,” including, “i must fit a walk-in between other stuff; I’m not throwing away they being a racist anus.”

The TikToker claims, through the account’s biography, “‘OC Karen’ parts 2 not far off.”

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